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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  September 28, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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well, that's what trade architect's heat maps do. they make yo a ading assassin. trade architect. td ameritrade's empowering web-based trading platform. trade commission-free for 60 days, and we'll throw in up to $600 when you open an account. >> this is "the fox report." tonight, iran's news agency steals a story from an american paper. the problem is that paper was the onion. all satire. so guess how that went. plus, managing expectations before the big presidential debate. >> the president is obviously a very eloquent, gifted speaker. >> mitt romney, i think, has an advantage because he has been through 20 of these debates through the primaries. >> shepard: tonight, how both men are preparing for their first faceoff in prime time. >> plus, signals the syrian regime is is shifting its
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chemical weapons. >> there has been some intelligence that with regards to some of these sites that there has been some movement. >> important because, remember this? >> a red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized. >> shepard: so now what? and a plane headed toward mount every rest reportedly hits a bird and goes down hard. >> when the plane initially crashed, there were still people inside alive and screaming out for help. >> shepard: tonight, disaster near the top of the world. but first from fox this friday night, chemical weapons on the move in syria. defense secretary leon panetta now confirms new intelligence now shows movement at some of that country's suspected chem al weapons sites. troublesome because syria's leader bashar assad has repeatedly proved he is willing to murder innocent
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civilians. and activists say 30,000 people have died during the uprising over the last year and a half. but secretary panetta says in this case, it looks as if the syrians are just shifting the chemical weapons to better secure them. and he does not note any evidence that the regime is preparing to actually deploy those weapons. >> while there has been some limited movement, again, the major sites still remain in place. still remain secure. >> we hope he is right. last month, president obama said his administration made clear to the syrian regime that if we start seeing a government moving around, quote: a whole bunch of weapons that would be a red line. so far there is no word from the white house about whether this latest movement means syria has crossed that red line. but the white house is taking other steps. we know that to target the syrian regime. in fact, today, secretary of state hillary clinton attended a meeting at the united nations and pledged another $45 million to help the opposition in syria. those rebels who are trying to
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force out their brutal and bloody leader. it's fox top story and jonathan hunt is in it -- on it live at the united nations tonight. do we have any indication of what those rebels, who are opposing rat jesus' name plan to do with that money? >> well, what we are told by 15 million of the 45 million will go towards communication equipment for the rebels. something that the u.s. has previously funded. the other 30 million, according to secretary of state clinton will go toward humanitarian aid. >> as more parts of syria's control slips from the regime, to the opposition, we're supporting civilian opposition groups as they begin providing essential services. reopening schools, rebuilding homes, and the other necessities of life.
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>> >> of course, what the opposition really wants is action from the united nations security council. but absent still the support of russia and china, that quite simply, shep, is not going to happen. >> shepard: jonathan, what more do we know about the movement of these chemical weapons in syria. >> u.s. officials appear to know very little. that may be part of the problem. because, quite simply, shep, while secretary panetta said that these chemical weapons have been moved, they don't know exactly who has had access to them. listen to this. as to, you know, the movement of some of these materials and whether or not they have been exposed to possession by the opposition or others that's something i don't have any firm information to confirm that's that's taken place. >> secretary panetta saying he
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does not know whether the opposition has got perms of chemical weapons. he and other officials have previously said among that opposition are al qaeda elements. shep? >> shepard: jonathan hunt live at the united nations. president obama and governor romney are set to take off next week in the first presidential debate of this election. pressure is on, no doubt, with less than six weeks until election day and early voting already underway in many states. and a fundraiser today, president obama focused on a theme of political unity. >> i'm not fighting on behalf of rich values or poor values or 47% values. >> the republic nominee expressed optimism about his chances in that key battleground each as he appeared to acknowledge it will be an uphill battle. >> we really would shock people if early in the evening of november 6th it t. looked
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like pennsylvania was going to come our way and did come our way. that can happen. >> well, the real clear politics average of all the polls in pennsylvania give president obama an 8 point advantage now. the average of the national polls shows a tighter race with governor romney trailing by 4. campaign carl cammeron live in boston now. how are the candidates preparing for the debates. >> they can be real decision makers for the folks and an awful lot of undecides will begin to make them on what happens this wednesday. president obama will be going to nevada for a lot of his debate preps starting at the end of this weekend. and he has been rehearsing with john kerry. the senator from massachusetts and there will be some questions and a lot riding on it. john kerry has asked for serious answers and accounting for what's happened in libya the last couple of days. mr. romney has been sparring
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with rob portman the senator from ohio with mock debates. he will spend literally the next four days off the campaign trail heading preparing for it he will head to denver on monday. debate preps in boston. more closed door rehearsals leading up to wednesday. knows this is a big opportunity for him to regain momentum having slid in the polls for several weeks now. he talked a little bit on campaign plane as he was on his way back from philadelphia to boston where he will spend the weekend doing more research. watch. >> they will make the decision on what they believe is the best interest of the country and their own family. i expect to be able to describe that in a way people will understand. and if they do, i will get elected. romney was referring to the first opportunity to stand face to face with president obama and call him on what mr. romney has said has been a mischaracterization and deception of the the same
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holds on the other side of this. three presidential debates and one of the next this has never happened before in american politics. it basically turns october into the big surprise of a run on debate serial tv reality presidential television next couple weeks, shep. carl cammeron in boston. fox report in denver or scheduled to be for the debate next wednesday. and bret baier and megyn kelly are scheduled to anchor our coverage during prime time. that's this coming wednesday night just before 9:00 eastern time. just before 7:00 in the mountain time zone right here on fox news channel. well, an iranian news agency ran a story reporting rural white americans would rather vote for iran's president ahmadinejad than president obama. it plagiarized the story from an american source. of course, that source was the satirical newspaper the onion. the onion article reads and i
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quote: i like him better, said west virginia resident dale along with 77% of rural caucasian voters confirmed he would much rather go to a baseball game or beer with ahmadinejad, a man repeatedly denied the holocaust and has had numerous political prisoners executed than spend time with obama. needless to say, that's hogwash. we learned today of possible security flaws at the u.s. consulate in benghazi libya where people killed our ambassador and three other americans. problems with the windows. the doors, the walls. coming up, you will see exactly why one security expert says that consulate was below standards. that's coming up as fox reports live tonight. [ laughing ] [ laughing ]
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just hours after he was fired, killed five people and then himself. among the dead, a 61-year-old u.p.s. driver. another victim, the business owner. that's he in the middle of this photo. today, the mayor described him as a pillar of his community. who even counted the white house among its clients. >> last march, when the white house wanted an example of a good, small local business doing exporting, we offered them this great company. and reuben went to the white house. this morning the white house called remembering that and offered their con dolans to everyone at accent and everyone in this community. >> shepard: the suspected gunman on the other hand one who suffered of mental illness his family claims it could not convince him ever to to help. trace gallagher with more set. live for us this afternoon. trace, the police say the shooter was looking for specific people in this case. >> yeah, the gunman has now
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been identified, shep, as 36-year-old andrew ingledinger. he walked by a number of employees so he could make his way to loading dock. that's where he pulled out his gun and opened fire striking most of his victims, including the u.p.s. driver. listen. >> >> he is well nobody to the people who live and work in this neighborhood. he has worked here 20 years is what i have been told today. he was in the loading dock, loading up at the time. and so he just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. >> yeah, one of five fatalities, police say there is evidence that some of the employees actually tried to fight back. shep? >> shepard: police are saying, trace, that securing that scene was a real nightmare. >> yeah. because the completion plex, shep, is so large. they say there were a number of businesses inside this complex. two different stories, plus the basement.
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because it was a much older building, there were a lot of nooks and crannies, so police had to go to each one of them because there could have been more victims. there even could intrnt shooter. they went room by room, clearing the scene and listen now to what police found well after the shooting. >> it took a very very long time for tactical units to thoroughly search this building. and, in fact, i, in reading their -- some of their accounts, they did find, some time later, two individuals hiding, still hiding in the business that they didn't know were still in there. >> hiding, not knowing that the business had in fact been secured. when they got to the basement. that's where they found the shooter with a self inflicted gunshot wound. shep? >> trace gallagher live for us. thank you. earlier today on "studio b," we watched a man kill himself after a car chase that lasted more than an hour in the state of arizona. police in phoenix say the suspect stole that car from
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two people at gunpoint. he then led cops on a chase on the interstate 10 heading west toward california. at one point, investigators say he shot at two police cars and hit one of them. they say he may have also fired at a helicopter but he didn't hit any people. the suspect later pulled on to a dirt road about 100 miles west of phoenix. he kept driving quickly. apparently trying to escape. eventually for reasons we cannot know he stopped his car. he got out, and started to run. then moments later he shot himself in the head and fell to the ground. police have not yet identified him. we showed this car chase earlier on "studio b." we inadvertently and mistakenly showed the portion where the man shot himself. and we apologized to the viewers who saw it at the time. a plane carrying a load of adventurers crashed near mount every rest a pilot reported hearing a bird.
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live in the wreckage until flames exploded and consumed the plane. officials say the pilot had just taken off from nepal's capital of katmandu when the plane went down. sister station sky news in united kingdom visited that scene of the crash. >> we aren't really very far from the airport at all. only a kill meter and and a half over there. can you see really just how far the plane traveled before it crashedz. here, is the wreckage. down here is the propel larr. you have also got part of the engine here as well. and then this is the plane. the tail fin here and also the fuselage. >> and all 19 people on board at the time died. officials say a lot of the victims were climbers and hikers, headed to an airport right near the tallest mountain on our planet. the money pit that is the united states postal service is about to get a whole lot deeper. a a $.6 billion bill is due this weekend.
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and there is no money to pay it so, where does this leave the post office. we'll at the tell you where the service places the blame and what this could mean for all of us. and on the mexican border, the problem is drug smug gling. on the canadian the problem is now, cheese? does your phone give you all day battery life ?
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>> what dupe, consumer spending made its biggest jump in six months. experts say that has more to do with rising gas prices than anything else, really. the commerce department reports americans' spending rose by .5% in august. that's the biggest take out gas prices which went up 50 cents a gallon in july and august.
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spending rose but .1% last month so there you have it. american incomes rose only 1.1% in august. the worse month since november. the head of the united states postal service says the agency will indeed miss its second multibillion-dollar payment in as many months. the postal service owes the u.s. treasury $5.6 billion for future retiree health benefits and that bill is due on sunday. the post master general says the agency has already cut back as much as it possibly can. and get this, he says if congress passes some sort of reform the postal service could turn a profit. any postal legislation could get pushed into the next congress rich edson in our washington newsroom. what's the hold up here. >> as you mentioned for starters congress is out of town. when lawmakers return their top issue is solving hundreds of billions of dollars in automatic tax increases and spending cuts. not overhauling the postal service.
7:23 pm
politically, cutting back the postal service is a difficult issue especially which they could lose post offices and could lose their jobs. shep. >> shepard: what does this default mean for mail service if anything. >> for now the postal service says business as usual. in a statement the usps says customers can be confident in the regular operations of the postal service. we will continue to deliver the mail and pay our employees and suppliers for a major and much needed overhaul of its business, congress has to sign off. they say they are working on it without that the postal service has looked elsewhere to make more money like lucrative junk mail. shep? france's new president calling for the highest income tax rate in all the world. part of the budget reform hike taxes on the wealthy to reduce france's deficit amidst all
7:24 pm
of. calling for 7 a% tax on the super rich. aruba, sweden and denmark and netherlands have the highest tax rates between 50 and 60%. u.s. caps income tax rates currently at much lower 35%. critics say france's proposed hikes will back fire by putter hurting businesses. police in canada busted three men, including one current and one former police officer for smuggling cheese and other foods across the border cost more in canada than the lower 48. suspects bought $200,000 of the stuff buffalo, new york. drove some 22 miles into canada without declaring it to customs. sold it to canadian restaurants and made more than $165,000 in profit. off cheese. one day after israel's prime
7:25 pm
minister netanyahu drew a red line. he spoke about the iranian nuclear threat. we will have details from both phone calls. word of another football bounty scandal. but not in the nfl this time. peewee wait until you hear this. bob...
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>> shepard: accusations of a peewee football version of the new orleans saints bounty scandal. one team's coaches offered kids cash to knock opponents out of the game. national pop warner officials have suspended the head coach and league's president while investigators look into the whole thing. the coach and league officials deny that they paid kids any incentives. you may remember a few months ago the nfl suspended four new orleans saints players as well as two coaches and the general manager for their roles in that team's bounty program. earlier this month, those players successfully appealed their suspension but the saints head coach remains out for the season. and there is news for pro-football fans in the nation's second largest city. the los angeles city council approved a plan to build a new stadium in doubt los angeles. it would seat 72,000. cost an estimated 1.2 billion, no nfl team is in los angeles at the moment. both the radars -- raiders and the rams left the city after
7:30 pm
the 94 season. i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. this the bottom of the hour and time for fox top story. intelligence sources telling fox news there were serious security problems at the consulate of benghazi before this month's attack. gunmen killed four americans, including our u.s. ambassador in that assault on the consulate on november the 119 catherine herridge has this. she is live from washington tonight. what were the security flaws, cath rib? >> shep, a former regional security officer who worked for the state department in the middle east telling fox that the u.s. consulate had to be classified as a, quote, critical threat terrorism or civil unrest posting. what follows from that classification are specific physical security standards, which include reinforce windows and doors. gragd is only accessible for the and not where official business taking place. dictate specific widths of the metal, the rebar and the depth of the cement used to secure
7:31 pm
the window and door frame on the perimeter walls must be three meters in height and buildings set back at least 100 feet. this enhanced security is designed to create an hour of time where classified documents are burned and to call in emergency evacuation personnel. we asked today at the state department whether the consulate met these required security standards and if not if waivers were approved and we were told there was really nothing to add until that state department internal investigation is complete, shep. >> shepard: now the nation's top intelligence official weighing in on this? >> well, that's right, the statement from the director of national intelligence or dni seems to give coverage to the administration while at the same time acknowledging that benghazi was terrorism. there was information that led us, the intelligence community to assess that the attack began spontaneously following protests earlier that day at our grammies in cairo. we provided that initial assessment to executive branch officials. as we learned more about the attack we revised our initial assessment to reflect new information indicating that it was deliberate and organized
7:32 pm
terrorist attack. but administration officials, including ambassador susan rice seemed to go beyond that guidance, stating that benghazi was a demonstration prompted lie that youtube video that spun out of control and fox news was first to report that there was no ongoing demonstration when that attack unfolded, shep. >> shepard: catherine herridge in washington tonight. catherine, thanks very much. >> you're welcome. >> shepard: president obama spoke with the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu today about how to deal with iran's suspected nuclear ambitions. according to the white house the two leaders shared goal of preventing iran from making atomic weapons. second phone call amid tension over the prime minister's push for the u.s. to make amore aggressive stance. governor romney spoke with the leader by phone and renewed his attacks on the president for his foreign policy. ed henry with the news live from the white house tonight. president obama is taking heat for not meeting with benjamin netanyahu face to face and today vice president biden addressed that, right? >> that's right, shep.
7:33 pm
vice president biden many times has gotten into trouble for veering off message and saying something maybe the white house didn't want him to say. today was a case where he stood up for the president. he was at an event where he is supposed to be talking about medicare down in florida with senior citizens. he took a moment out to say wait a second, stop these attacks on the president over israel. take a listen. >> i want to tell you how proud i am. how proud i am to stand shoulder to shoulder with a guy who has done more for israel's physical security than any president. >> top white house officials insists during this call with the prime minister today president obama made clear that these two leaders are on the same page and they have the same goal, which is to prevent iran from getting nuclear weapons. now, how they do that whether it's through military action, whether it's through diplomacy, that's still a little bit shaky, they insist the goal is still the same, shep. >> shepard: what do we know about governor romney's conversation with the israeli leader.
7:34 pm
it's my understanding they have been friends for a while. >> they have been. there have been suggestions that maybe the prime minister is rooting for a romney victory. something he has denied. but what's interesting is you saw the prime minister yesterday waiving that red magic marker and showing that little graphic about what he calls a red line in preventing iran from getting -- enriching a certain amount of uranium so they could get nuclear weapons. what's interesting about the romney call is when he came out and talked about it he made clear he embraced that red line something the president didn't. take a listen. >> we spoke about the greatest national security threat that he faced, the world faces which is iran with nuclear capability. we spoke about his assessment of where the red line ought to be drawn. and my own views with regards to iran. >> now, as he said, exactly where that red line should be drawb. whether that means there should be u.s. military action potentially down the road to prevent iran from getting
7:35 pm
nuclear weapons very likely to become a big issue in these presidential debates later on. not the first one which is about the economy this coming week. but you have got one on national security and foreign policy coming up. likely to be a big issue because the president is going to press mitt romney and whether he is pushing for actual u.s. military action. >> ed henry at the white house. thank you. we are learning more about the suspect in the colorado movie theater massacre in aurora. according to newly released court documents. prosecutors say that university of colorado barred james holmes from its campus after he threatened a professor. court officials did not release that person's name but the allegation does conflict with previous statements from university officials who had said they denied holmes access to nonpublic areas because he dropped out of school. other court documents show the defense denies the prosecution's allegations. police say that back in july james holmes killed 12 people and wounded a dozen more during a mid night screening of the latest batman movie.
7:36 pm
alicia acuna live in our rockie mountain newsroom it's our understanding the judge is keeping a lot of this case under wraps, still. >> that's right. despite 57 different court documents released today, a lot of it redact and they actually released this one to us. if you look at it. there is really not a whole lot there yeah, they gave this to us. we did pull one quote for you so that you can kind of try to make something of this. it reads police chief abraham then removed the redacted from the redacted and held it by the redacted to make sure that there was nothing redacted. we figured out that's in reference to the handling of the notebook holmes mailed to his university psychiatrist dr. lynn fenton. according to filings, a bomb squad technician put it through an x-ray machine and that notebook had a post-it on it which was redacted, shep? >> shepard: alicia, what else did we learn about this supposed threat that he made to the university? >> well, we learned in open court that the prosecution
7:37 pm
accused homes of making a threat. made toward a professor. district attorney claims that holmes was kicked out of school because of it. because of it the university is denying that saying he withdrew. we also see the defense fighting this accusation. even attempting to get the judge to sanction the prosecution for even making that claim. so a lot of legal maneuvering. and one piece of evidence was a denver post article on that threat. part of that public article was also redacted. shep? >> shepard: alicia acuna live in denver this evening. alicia, thanks. the homeland security chief janet napolitano is calling for congress to do something already about the growing number of cyber attacks. interestingly she claims she does not even use email. that's coming up. plus, apple issued a rare apology to all of its customers over that new mapping software. and apple recommends apple customers go to somebody else. whoa.
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>> shepard: there are more accusations of voter fraud in florida. it's a little different this time though. florida's republic party is accusing a firm it hired of sending in more than 100 questionable voter registration forms. the g.o.p. fired that company, strategic allied consulting earlier this week.
7:42 pm
this comes amid other efforts from republic officials to purge ineligible voter registrations, democrats say those efforts disenfranchise disenfranchise -- steve harrigan is our n. our south florida newsroom. >> the florida republic company -- the state attorney attorney's office is investigating. the executive director of florida's republic party said when we learned about potential instances of voter registration fraud that occurred in palm beach florida. we inimmediately informed the republic national committee that we were terminating the contract with the voter registration vendor we hired at their request because there is no place for voter registration fraud in florida. we talked to the person where this all started in palm beach county, the election official said there said she noticed a number of documents seemed to have been written by the same hand. this investigation is growing now beyond palm beach county to 10 counties in florida.
7:43 pm
and five states as well where strategic allied consulting did some work, a company attorney frank petty said the following strategic has a zero tolerance policy for breaking the law. one county republic election supervisor i talked to earlier today said that he warned colleagues it's a big mistake to try to buy signature in bulk. he said whenever do you that it really opens the door to fraud like this. shepard back to you. >> steve harrigan in our florida newsroom. congress needs to tackle that growing threat of cyber attacks right now. that from the secretary of state of homeland security janet napolitano there was a cyber security summit in d.c. today. and she said the white house is drafting executive order to establish cyber security standards for private companies, president obama has not yet reviewed it similar legislation failed to pass the senate earlier this year. as the hack attacks have spread. remember, sources tell the fox business network that hackers recently targeted the web sites for several major banks
7:44 pm
including chase, bank of america, meantime, listen to secretary napolitano's response when a reporter asked her about her personal cyber security. >> don't laugh, but i just don't use email at all. >> really? >> yeah, yeah. >> because it's too time consuming or for security purposes? >> um, for a whole host of reasons. so i don't have any of my own accounts. [ laughter ] >> she is the one. the secretary says it's her own personal choice. the apple's ceo tim cook today, wow. an apology for the company's new mobile maps. apple's new software no longer comes with standard google map application that is so awesome. instead, apple inserted its own which does not include street view photos or directions for mass transit. and the 3-d feature creates some strange thing on the screen. it's just chalked full of weirdness. today the apple ceo released a
7:45 pm
statement saying we are extremely sorry for the sphrution this has caused our customers and we are doing everything we can to make maps better. he added while we are improving our maps you can try alternatives by down loading map apps from bing, map quest and ways or use google or nokia maps. google maps? hmmmm, the ones you just took off my phone. a witness says he saw people jumping from windows to escape the flames from a deadly pipeline explosion and that tops our news around the world in 80 seconds. china. happened outside a hotel in the northwest. authors say they think electrical workers accidently drilled into the gas pipe and set off the blast. killed at least two people and shattered windows in 20 buildings. south korea, clouds of smoke and toxic chemicals spilled over southeastern city after
7:46 pm
explosion at an industrial plant. officials say it killed at least four factory workers. several people living nearby went to the hospital after they inhaled the toxic gas. investigators looking into what caused the blast. >> thailand, traffic in the capital city of bangkok is so bad that police get routine training to deliver babies when mom can't make it to the hospital. this officer recently delivered his 47th child in the back of a taxi. he says it's a lot of pressure but worth it. oman. 5,000 fans watched the last round of cliff diving series. [cheers] that was the champ's winning triple quad dive. >> it was really the best competition i have ever done. i'm still in shock. >> he took his third consecutive title and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds.
7:47 pm
>> yeah, you are stuck in traffic. got it a driver in oregon managed to take it to another level. stuck in wet cement. here it is. happened last night south of portland. deputies say the woman got confused in the construction zone and poured through freshly poured patch of concrete. blamed it on placement of the construction barriers. crews took her car out with a tow truck. more and more episcopal breathe are converting to con alcoholism. wives and kids are causing controversy in a religion where priests are supposed to be celibate or something. plus, more on the climb that jesus could have been a married man. the vatican's weighing in. it's not sending a wedding gift. all day battery life ? droid does.
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>> more episcopal priests are converting to catholicism and they are bringing their wives and families with them. they are reportedly converting because the of the church's conflicts with homosexuality. roman catholic priests traditionally do not marry. marrieder clergy can serve that john paul ii signed in 1980. >> this is exception created for anglicans or episcopal priests. petitioning rome in greater numbers because they want top convert to alcoholism. they felt there was a lack of central authority in their own church. rome vatican responded to this demand. charles huff and his father both ordained under this new diocese, the younger has a wife, two children, one on the way. he said after we got married
7:52 pm
he just felt called to the catholic church. >> i have one vocation. that one vocation is to be a priest, a married man, a husband and a father. and they have to all work together. that comes very practical to me. >> there are about 85 married catholic priests today. 15 have been ordained in the last year. there will be many more in the year to come. >> shepard: this must come with practical issues. >> married priests are not available 24/7. have you housing, pensions, insurance, all more costly with the married man. on the other hand wives today work and that can relieve some the financial burdens. many parishioners may feel more comfortable going to a married priest for counseling because, you know, he has first-hand experience. >> bill: he gets it good. >> shepard: he gets it good stuff, lauren good to see you. >> good to see you too. >> shepard: document referring to jesus'' wife is probably a
7:53 pm
fake. big debate is over this piece of papyrus that was unveiled earlier this month in rome. harvard scholar claims the document claims the first recorded mention that jesus may have been a married man. some have called it landmark discovery. others doubt authenticity due to clumsy lettering and copied phrases. could be the next best thing in music i'm told. fryer alley andro. ever fryer to sign a record deal. listen. ♪ >> shepard: producer who has worked with the likes of u 2 discovered the fryer. he he was looking for the next great italian tenor. he says he is nervous about taking center stage. >> at the beginning i was thinking about work with choir as a chorist. after i understood -- i was
7:54 pm
afraid because they told me about interviews, media, cameras. >> shepard: yeah, sometimes cameras are a problem. his debut album drops next month because he has taken a vow of poverty, all the proceeds go to the franciscans order. the korean pop sensation behind gongham style. some members of the military take their version of the dance to youtube. it's worth the wait. on route to rirl. sit tight, please. [ owner ] i need to expand
7:55 pm
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depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or other mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serus allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these stop taking chantix and see your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. if you have a history of heart or blood vessel problems, tell your doctor if you have new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack. use caution when driving or operating machinery. common side effects include nausea, trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. it helps to have people around you... they say, you're much bigger than this. and you are. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. >> shepard: that gongham style dance phrase has reached the attention of the armed forces. ♪ this is the royal thai's
7:58 pm
navy's take on the south korean singer enormously popular video. a few dozen sailors posted a video of themselves partying at the base. the real video has nearly 300 million youtube views. think of that. with the song itself currently number two on billboard's top 100. updating some of fox top stories tonight. the family of the man suspected of killing five people at a minneapolis sign company yesterday says he struggled for years with mention illness. police say the suspected gunman also killed himself. the white house says president obama and the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu spoke on the phone today, affirmed their shared goal of preventing iran from making atomic weapons. the prime minister also said said to have spoken by phone with the republic presidential nominee mitt romney. president obama also revoking a chinese company's purchase of four wind farm projects
7:59 pm
near the u.s. naval physicians restricted airspace in oregon. and on this day in 1928, a chance discovery led to one of the most important medical advances of the 20th century. the scottish scientist alexander fleming had been on vacation when penicillin mold went airborne and contaminated his petrie dishes. he noticed the mold appeared to have killed the bacteria. he published the findings. few paid attention at all until years later doctors at oxford university, not other one. used research to develop the drug we now known aspen sill alan. the world's first viable antibiotic. doctors credit it with saving untold millions of lives. antibiotics are so common that experts say overuse could make them ineffective. a scientist found


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